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Add fire safety
to your family’s routine
Think of all the items you re- level and in each sleeping area.
place regularly - your cellphone, A quick and easy way to remem-
lightbulbs and even your tooth- ber is one on every level and in
brush. But when was the last every bedroom.
time you replaced your smoke Install them properly - Does
alarm batteries, or even the your alarm ever sound when
alarms themselves? It’s easy to cooking? Chances are, you’ve
overlook, but the time to think installed the alarm too close to
about fire safety is now - before your appliances. An easy way
an emergency strikes. to reduce false alarms and maxi-
Many assume that because mize coverage is to take a mo-
they have smoke alarms in their ment to review manufacturer
homes, they’re protected in the guidelines and install alarms
event of a fire. In reality, smoke in the proper locations. Smoke
alarms need to be installed, alarms should generally be in-
maintained and tested regularly stalled at least 10 feet from a
to ensure they’re working prop- cooking appliance to minimize
erly. That effort includes know- false alarms. It’s also recom-
ing how old smoke alarms and mended to install smoke alarms
their batteries are, as neither high on walls or ceilings. Re-
lasts forever. While smoke alarm member, smoke rises, so high
lifespan and sensing technology placement provides a direct button, at least once a month. Plan your escape - Maintain- tify two ways out of each room,
have improved in recent years, path for detection. Lastly, don’t Also, when testing, it’s impor- ing alarms is essential to every including windows and doors.
the fact remains that all smoke install smoke alarms near win- tant to clean the alarm to remove household, but what about your Practice your home fire escape
alarms - even hardwired and dows, doors or ducts, where any dust or debris. This advice escape route? Unfortunately, re- plan at least twice a year and
sealed battery models - expire drafts might interfere with their holds true even for newer alarms, cent research indicates that just make sure to plan a meeting
after 10 years. operation. which feature 10-year batteries, 25 percent of families have an spot. (BPT)
“According to the National Get complete coverage - In as well as hardwired alarms that escape plan that they practice
Fire Protection Association general, there are two types of feature a battery back-up. Check regularly. To develop an effec- Every two weeks, this spot
(, three out of fires - quick flaming and smol- or replace the battery when you tive plan, walk through your will feature a different article
five home fire deaths occur in dering. Today’s smoke alarms change the time on your clocks home and inspect all possible concerning real estate & home
homes without smoke alarms are effective at detecting both each spring and fall. exits and escape routes. Iden- improvement.
or from missing or dead batter- but use unique technologies
ies,” said Tarsila Wey, director of that make them better suited for If you’d like to be included in this new
marketing for First Alert. “Just particular locations within the Real Estate page, titled
like other household duties, it’s home. The NFPA and other safe- “Property Posts,”
important to make sure alarm ty advocates recommend install- give us a call for more details:
maintenance and replacement ing dual-sensor alarms because
and escape planning and practice they provide the best potential Kay (920) 980-9150 • Nancy (920) 980-9151
become a regular, ongoing part for early detection of all types of Every two weeks, this page will feature a
of your family’s routine.” common household fires while different article concerning real estate & home
First Alert offers the following helping to reduce the number improvements. Reserve your 3˝x3˝ spot
advice to ensure your family is of non-emergency alarms - all before they are all taken!
best protected from fire. while providing a decade of
Count the alarms - In most protection without the need for Advertising options:
cases, one alarm isn’t enough. costly and ongoing battery re-
Xtra & Beacon Combo
In fact, the U.S. Fire Adminis- placement. (Reaches over 47,000 homes & businesses throughout
tration (USFA), recommends Install and maintain - Having the City & County of Sheboygan)
smoke alarms be installed in- smoke alarms is only one part $
60 B & W • $70 Color
side every bedroom, outside of the story. In order to function To add The Review
each sleeping area and on every properly, all alarms must be reg- (Subscription paper reaches over 3,600 homes)
level of the home, including the ularly inspected and maintained. $80 B & W • $95 Color
basement, as well as one carbon Make sure to test the alarm, by The Review only option
monoxide (CO) alarm on each simply holding down the test $25 B & W • $35 Color

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